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Mission of Rural India Solar Energy-RISE Enterprise

Mission of Rural India Solar Energy-RISE Enterprise

Mission of Rural India Solar Energy-RISE Enterprise

Mission of Rural India Solar Energy-RISE Enterprise, Sonipat, Haryana, India

Who we are?

Rural India Solar Energy-RISE Enterprise  is an EPC company based at Sonipat within NCR Delhi.

What we do?

  • Solar awareness amongst rural masses.
  • Assist domestic/residential/Non Profit Organization/Education institutions to avail Govt Subsidy @30% of whole project or Rs.20,000/- per kWp whichever is less.
  • Asses roof site to analyse feasibility of installation of Rooftop Solar Power Plants.
  • Solar PV Plant design: Grid Tied Roof top or Ground based solar  PV Plant, Off Grid Rooftop or Ground based solar PV Plants with Battery Bank design, Hybrid Rooftop or Ground Based Solar PV Plant with Battery Bank.
  • Project planning, budgeting and identification of the resources needed.
  • Plant Engineering and Design based on Architecture drawings of the site.
  • Solar PV plant energy yield estimations over the entire period of the plant life.

Our Expertise

  • Expert System engineer and Integrator fully trained from GSES (Global Sustainable Energy Solutions-an Australian subsidiary), NISE (National Institute of Solar Energy) and NISE-BUD.
  • We have gained expertise in installation of Rooftop Grid Tied / Hybrid Solar Power Plants with 30% Subsidy on the project from HAREDA.
Our Initiative
  • Solar Energy Information Center established at our Business Venture Showroom is hub for Solar awareness amongst rural masses which not only provides Solar Energy Information but also various Government Subsidy schemes i.e Subsidies on rooftop Solar power plants, Solar irrigation water pump, off-grid Solar Inverter program, Solar water heating system and Solar cooker etc.
  • All private schools, colleges and education institutions in and around rural areas of Sonipat, Haryana have been apprised of importance of Solar Power/Solar Energy and HAREDA’s notification for mandatory installation of Solar Power plant for these kind of user categories.
  • Solar awareness amongst Private Hospitals, builders/owners of houses/buildings/societies  and developers in and around Sonipat.
Our Goal

Other than above we are working towards conversion of traditional electrical inverters into Solar Inverter by installing appropriate quantity of Solar Panels and Charge Controller / Solar Management Unit / PCU befitting end users power requirements.

Our Mission
  • We wish to bring down the cost of Solar Energy / Solar Power so that it is accessible to masses in rural areas.
  • This way we would put into gears our all resources to accomplish our goal of reaching each and  every households for our mission HAR GHAR SOLAR.
Our Motto

We do Solar with Soul.

Our Call to everyone in Solar Industry
  • So we welcome you to participate in this multi-angle, most favored and highly aspiring mission of connecting each home with Solar.
  • If you are an manufacturer / stockist / wholesale dealer of Solar products or Solar BOS, then kindly Connect with us by forwarding detailed specifications and prices along with terms and conditions and mode of payment to
  • Your contribution towards this mission in any form would be appreciated.
  • In case of any clarifications in this regard kindly reach us by calling following Mobile Numbers

Vipin : +919618637662

Anand : +919963493474

Web :

Innovative new technology to generate wind energy

Innovative new technology to generate wind energy

Innovative new technology to generate wind energy

Innovative new technology to generate wind energy

Could technology of wind energy from lamp posts be touted as Innovative new technology within the subject of Wind Energy? An revolutionary new scheme will see wind energy being generated from Britain’s street lamp-posts. The turbines may be attached to the best of the lamp-posts, producing electrical energy which may be fed straight to the National Grid. Own Energy Solutions has partnered with the NVT Group and might create 25 new jobs by means of the pilot throughout the subsequent 12 months, which it hopes will improve to preserve 300 professional roles inside the approaching three years.

Use of Inverter system and small turbine to harvest wind

The scheme makes use of comparatively simple technology in an revolutionary new methodology, using an inverter system and small turbine to harvest wind, and it’s straight linked to the Grid. As a consequence, the company believes that each street-lamp conversion will cut back carbon emissions by half a ton. The deal may be worth spherical £three.5 million over a fifteen-year interval and see Own Energy relocating to North Lanarkshire from its current location in Glasgow.

NVT’s MD, Stephen Park Brown, talked about that the group had an unimaginable monitor file of working properly together with high-performing teams, and he anticipated that this new enterprise would eclipse earlier successes. The CEO of Own Energy, David Gordon, talked about that he anticipated to see the partnership to scale up shortly, as there are better than ten million lamp posts throughout the UK, and over 20laptop computer of them are applicable for the mounted turbine technology. He anticipated that the enterprise may generate an annual turnover of better than £400 million in merely 5 years. Richard Lyle, the MSP for North Lanarkshire, talked about that the data had been welcomed from colleagues all through all political occasions as an actual piece of innovation that supported with cross-party green energy ambitions. He added that it may moreover current vital financial wins for private householders and native authorities alike.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy : Following para would throw mild upon benefits of wind energy whereas subsequent and entailing paragraphs would clarify the disadvantages of wind energy.

1.Wind energy is a transparent gasoline provide because it’s fueled by the wind.It doesn’t pollute the earth like energy vegetation,which rely on combustion of coal or pure gasoline.Another good issue is that wind turbine would not produce atmospheric emissions that set off greenhouse affect and acid rain.

2.Wind energy is also used in USA because of this of of the appreciable wind present throughout the nation.

three.Wind energy cannot be used up.It is dependent upon the renewable energy of the wind.Wind is certainly attributable to the rotation of the earth,the earth’s flooring irregularities, and heating of the ambiance by the solar.Thus we’ll say that wind is a kind of solar energy.

four.Wind energy is an reasonably priced renewable energy provide.For every kilowatt-hour produced by wind energy,the related payment is nearly four to six cents.The worth depends upon upon the endeavor financing and the wind provide.

5.Wind turbines benefits the agricultural areas on which they’re constructed.Wind turbines are always constructed on farms or ranches, the place most of one of the perfect wind web sites are found.This would not set off any problem to the farmers and ranches because of this of the wind turbines solely use a fraction of the land.They can proceed to work there and get lease payment by the power plant householders.


1.Wind energy ought to compete with commonplace know-how sources on a worth basis. Depending on how energetic a wind web site is, the wind farm would possibly or might be not worth aggressive. Although the setup worth of wind power vegetation have been decreased a lot so far 10 years, it nonetheless requires the subsequent funding than fossil-fueled mills.

2.The essential drawback to using wind as a provide of energy is that the wind is intermittent and it would not always blow when electrical energy is required. Not all winds may very well be harnessed to satisfy the timing of electrical energy requires.

three.Good wind web sites are always positioned in distant areas that are faraway from cities the place energy is required.This will improve the related payment for energy change.

four.Wind helpful useful resource development would possibly compete with totally different makes use of for the land and these totally different makes use of is also further extraordinarily valued than electrical energy know-how.

5.Although wind power vegetation set off a lot much less environmental downside than totally different commonplace energy vegetation, there’s some concern over the noise produced by the rotor blades, aesthetic (seen) impacts, and usually birds have been killed by flying into the rotors.

Source by Darren T Chow

Solar Energy utilization for Eradicating Salt from Water

solar energy utilization for Eradicating Salt from Water

solar energy utilization for Eradicating Salt from Water

As time passes, solar energy is turning into a extra economical and versatile vitality provide. One area the place it is getting used with little fanfare is desalination of water. On this write-up we have to focus on solar energy utilization for Eradicating Salt from Water

Eradicating Salt from Water Using Photo Solar Energy

It is considerably ironic that the majority of our planet is roofed in water, nevertheless tens of hundreds of thousands of people are in areas affected by water shortages. The character of the irony is clear almost immediately. The oceans of the world embrace salt water, a mix we merely cannot drink. Why can’t we undertake solar energy know-how for removing of salt from the water in order that the water may very well be made drinkable.

For the longest time, there was dialogue about altering saltwater into usable, drinkable water. This course of is known as desalination. If the tactic will be utilized on an enormous scale in a value environment friendly technique, it could resolve a lot of the water factors on the planet as we communicate whether or not or not they exist in third or first world nations.

Desalination is a time interval used for eradicating salt and minerals from ocean water. The title suggests one methodology, nevertheless there are actually many. Reverse osmosis is presently the popular and is definitely a filtration course of. It is well-liked in nations that presently have desalination crops corresponding to those found inside the Mideast and Caribbean. The strategy will also be gaining additional curiosity in China and the US the place certain areas are struggling recurring water shortages.

One in every of many factors that provide you with desalination is the facility worth. Most crops are powered by fossil fuels, although Russia is presently discovering out a plant run off nuclear energy. With world warming and energy worth concerns on the forefront, many are literally looking for to renewable energy platforms as an energy provide for these crops. Solar energy is no doubt one of many decisions.

Solar Energy desalination crops do not work in one of the best ways you may assume. Solar energy simply is not used to provide vitality to the desalination course of, although it almost definitely might probably be. In its place, the power of the photo voltaic is constructed into the system. The thought is to heat saltwater and swap it proper right into a vapor. The vapor is then run by a condenser system that turns it once more into liquid water.

Solar Energy desalination applications work in any other case, nevertheless the idea is to separate the water from salt by using the pure system one finds inside the oceans. As you probably know, water evaporates off of the ocean to sort clouds inside the atmosphere. When the right conditions occur, these clouds subsequently flip into rain clouds and launch the saltless water. Solar energy desalination tries to mimic the tactic.

The double concern of rising energy prices and world warming are stimulating evaluation inside the renewable energy self-discipline. Solar Energy desalination represents just one area the place this evaluation is producing tangible benefits.

Source by Richard Chapo

Long term Impact of Brexit on UK’s Renewable Energy

rise enterprise solar energy solutions

Continuing from the previous part “impact of Brexit on UK’s renewable-energy” some more thoughts to understand long term impact of Brexit on UK’s renewable energy sector

Experts point out that much of the UK’s success in renewable energy has come with the regulatory [one of the most ambitious climate change policies] and financial support of the EU.

A Brexit would mean an end of funding support from EU for renewable energy projects and maybe without the push and pressure, UK could backslide on its carbon emissions goals. Unless they see a strong support from the UK government after Brexit, a Brexit may drive away the investors-atleast in the short term.

Statistics say that UK has received 24% of the The European Investment Bank’s (EIB) total investing of more than 7 billion euros into renewable energy since 2007. A Brexit could mean to a much lesser disbursement for projects in UK. A point to note is that non-EU countries have received only 12% of the disbursed funds.

The UK could presumably lose access to the EU’s eighth Framework Programme that funds innovation and research, Horizon 2020, which runs until 2020. A significant portion of these funds are dedicated to energy innovation and the UK is one of the larger recipients.

Many academic institutions and companies that currently benefit from the program could see their funding evaporate negatively impacting R&D of new clean energy technologies.

Though the UK government has its own policy on climate change; it is not particularly focused on renewable energy only and without the pressure from EU, the industry may also see a lag from the government to achieve the targets due to budget constraints or weakening of the policy by a new government.

This thought comes from the fact that pro-Brexit supporters have blamed EU for increased electricity costs, closure of coal  plants and energy taxes. The expectations are that post Brexit, support for renewable energy in UK will whittle down leading to less encouraging government policies.

The fear is that with Brexit UK will loose momentum on low carbon approach especially when following the Paris meet, low carbon has emerged as one of the key drivers of new economy.

Brexit would be bad for what has been achieved in Paris COP21

Experts point out that UK could adopt one of the following models following Brexit:

The Norwegian Model

Continue in the single market, including for energyRequires acceptance of free movement of people and budgetary contributions All trade rules, including anti-dumping measures, Continue to apply Some veto powers on EU expansion

The Swiss Model

Trade continues via a network of bilateral agreements for different goods Bilateral deals require participants to adhere to EU rules No influence on EU policyCreate option to pick and choose areas of trade cooperation Switzerland is part of the Schengen group of countries

Joining the European Free Trade Area

Free trade of goods but not people or services into the EU No budget contribution required


The UK could leave trade to be defined by WTO rules All trade agreements would be independent of EU No free movement of people No right of access for service providers No budget obligation

Turkish and South Korean Models

Turkey is part of the customs union but not the free trade area Turkey has many bilateral trade agreements, no free movement of people South Korea not part of customs union or free trade area South Korea has a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU,European subsidiaries required to access single market


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Highlights of VRC Webinar Eighth Sept 2016

Highlights of VRC Webinar Eighth Sept 2016

Its been fairly someday since I’ve written on this weblog web page. I’m at present busy understanding “Highlights of VRC Webinar Eighth Sept 2016” and having fun with the UK tradition and integrating myself on this society. One of many methods is to volunteer & be taught and I’m doing that with The Greater Floor Basis; growing a monetary device to observe & validate local weather change initiatives.

So what does The Greater Floor Basis do?  Greater Floor Basis is growing the Vulnerability Discount Credit score, or VRC™ that quantifies local weather vulnerability discount based mostly on influence prices. The VRC permits for evaluating and prioritizing adaptation measures throughout venture choices and sectors.

To know extra you might be welcome to attend one of many free webinars on  Vulnerability Discount Credit being organized by The Greater Floor Basis  on eighth September 2016 at 9.30pm India time /  5pm UK time.

Webinar on the Vulnerability Discount Credit score Customary Framework

Greater Floor Basis is growing the Vulnerability Discount Credit score, or VRC™. Adaptation initiatives that met rigorous registration requirements would generate VRCs, serving as an instrument to finance, confirm and management efficient adaptation measures.  A key subsequent step within the creation of a proper system of VRCs is launch of a Customary Framework that outlines the Requirements underneath which VRCs could also be issued.Be part of the interactive webinar on September eight to introduce the ideas and points, and elicit suggestions, in order that we will be sure that our first launch fastidiously addresses the pursuits and views of various stakeholders, and interpretations of various methods of understanding:–  venture baselines and different inputs required for vulnerability discount credit score evaluation, registration, and credit score issuances.An much more interactive “technical sandbox” follows the formal classes.Be part of on Thursday, September eight at 5 pm GMT (9:00 am San Francisco, 12:00 pm Washington DC, 7:00 pm Nairobi, 9.30 pm India ).

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Video of Installation of Solar Water Pumping at Jharkhand

Video of Installation of Solar Water Pumping at Jharkhand

Youtube video about Output Verification of Solar Panel

YouTube video about Output Verification of Solar Panel by RISE Enterprise Solar Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Mama Bhanja Chowk, Sonipat, Harynana

Youtube video of Installation of 500 Watt rooftop Solar Power Plant

Youtube video of Installation of 500 Watt rooftop Solar Power Plant by RISE Enterprise Solar Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd at H.NO.267, VPO Shahpur Turk, Sonipat Haryana

RISE Enterprise, A Rising Enterprise in Solar Energy at Sonipat

RISE Enterprise Solar Energy Solutions

RISE Enterprise, A Rising Enterprise in Solar Energy at Sonipat has been budding leaps and bounds in the sphere of solar energy since its inception.

RISE Enterprise, A Rising Enterprise in Solar Energy at Sonipat

Rural India Solar Energy – RISE Enterprise

Introduction of the Enterprise
RISE Enterprise, A Rising Enterprise in Solar Energy at Sonipat is setup at Shop No. B/212C, Mama Bhanja Chowk, Sonipat, Haryana, India, PIN-131001 which primarily gives in solar energy and solar products whereas providing best in photo voltaic enterprise and low-cost panel prices ensuring prime quality and quantity in the photo voltaic aggressive market.
Location of the Enterprise
RISE Enterprise, A Rising Enterprise in Solar Energy at Sonipat

Rural India Solar Energy – RISE Enterprise

RISE Enterprise, Sonipat has provide you with a very equipped Solar Products Showroom of its private type with cutting-edge know-how in renewable vitality enviornment at Shop No. B/212C, Mama Bhanja Chowk, Sonipat, Haryana, India, PIN-131001. This goes to be first and solely one in all its type showroom in Sonipat, Haryana which is being touted as one stop reply of all types of Solar Products. HQ of Rural India Solar Energy – RISE Enterprise is situated at 3078, New Housing Board Colony, Sector 15, Sonipat, Haryana, India, Pin-131001
Goals / Aims of the Enterprise
RISE Enterprise is aiming to supply photo voltaic vitality in Delhi NCR particularly rural villages in and spherical Sonipat, Haryana whereas providing forefront merchandise, personalised service and in-depth session all through all segments of photo voltaic vitality.
RISE Enterprise is doing an unimaginable work in altering present electrical energy inverters to photo voltaic inverters and erecting rooftop and flooring mounted photo voltaic crops in Haryana whereas spreading consciousness about renewable vitality amongst widespread of us and much extra and many.
Why RISE Enterprise – Rural India Solar Energy is best in the sector of Solar Power / Energy
RISE Enterprise helps you to arrange photo voltaic rooftop energy plant  at your home to generate electrical energy by means of solar light and electrify residential properties.   You could revenue by selling further vitality by means of “Net Metering Policy”, whereas supplying once more such vitality to the grid and earn vitality credit score.  This organisation is broadly applauded in shopping for and promoting and supplying a big spectrum of solar energy plant arrange corporations in Sonipat, Haryana, India. RISE Enterprise design photo voltaic applications primarily based on the actual financial and technical requirements of its customers. Well expert workforce of Rural India Solar Energy – RISE Enterprise match every technical and aesthetics components to have a cutting-edge system design and arrange. Their system design corporations accommodates system sizing and design selection of provides i.e. PV modules, inverters, price controllers, batteries, mounting and constructions.
Channel Partnership and Patronage
RISE Enterprise, A Rising Enterprise in Solar Energy at Sonipat
RISE Enterprise at Sonipat targets solely in providing best solar products from premier solar companies in India who gives at greater scale in solar energy.  Though there are quite a few solar products producer in India who’re photo voltaic panel suppliers at quite a few prices nonetheless, one need to make it possible for photo voltaic panel producer companies in India need to be empanelled with MNRE – a Government of India Enterprises.  Solar Universe India C/o Success Impex Pvt. Ltd. Delhi is pioneer in manufacturing of photo voltaic PV since 2003.
Tie-Up with Solar Universe India
RISE Enterprise, A Rising Enterprise in Solar Energy at Sonipat
RISE Enterprise has tie-ups and channel partnership with Solar Universe India (SUI), a mannequin of Success Impex Pvt. Ltd. Delhi who manufacture Solar PV Panels, Solar Water Pumps, Off/On Grid Solar Power Packs, Solar Lanterns / Lamps, Community Based Micro Grids & Central Charging Stations, Solar Mobile Charging & Lighting Kiosks, Solar Fencing, Solar Power Computer Labs – SUI-LitePC, Solar Home Lighting Systems/Kits, Solar Streetlights and Solar Garden & Exterior Lights.  Solar Universe India has strategic tie-ups Domestic and Internationally with accreditation, Certification and empanelment at MNRE, ISO, CE, NSIC, DGS&D, HAREDA, and MPSEDC.
  • Accelerated Depreciation benefits of upto 80% for enterprise and industrial establishments.
  • Central and State assist of 15 to 30%
  • Payback interval of 5-6 years and assure lifetime of upto 25 Years.
  • Become an online exporter of vitality all through holidays or lean consumption durations.
  • GBI of Rs.2 per unit on FCFS basis.
  • Exemption of VAT / CST *subject to Terms and Conditions.
  • Free AMC for 2 Years *subject to Terms and Conditions.
  • Fastest Delivery of arrange inside 15-20 days *subject to Terms and Conditions.
  • Single Window clearance with Net Metering approval completed by our workforce *subject to Terms and Conditions.
Solar Solutions for Everyday Life
RISE Enterprise has lined up new solar products which might be pathbreaking and improvement setters duly manufactured by Solar Universe India. RISE Enterprise maintains a lavish inventory of Solar Products comprising the subsequent:
  • Solar Exterior Lights
  • photo voltaic Garden Lights
  • Solar Lawn Lights
  • Solar Decor Lights
  • Solar Gate Lights
  • Solar Festival Lights
  • Solar House Plate
  • Solar Metallic Lawn Lamp
  • Solar Vintage Lamp
  • Solar Garden Lamp
  • Solar Garden Flood Light
  • Solar Garden Lamp with Pest Killer
  • Solar Multifunction Powerlite with FM Radio
  • Solar Multifunction Flashlite with Mobile Charger and FM Radio
  • Solar Multipurpose Lanterns with Built on Panels
  • Solar Lanterns Multi Charging – Multi Function
  • SO-LITE 365
  • Solar MNRE accredited Lantern CCFL & LED
  • Solar Torch Lights
  • Mini Solar Energy LED light and Key Chains
  • Solar Multi Utility Kit
  • Solar Mobile / MP3 / iPod and Laptop Chargers
  • Solar Fans with Lights
  • Solar Motion Sensor & Security Lights
  • Solar Wall Lights
  • Solar Street / Public Lights
  • Solar Road Studs
  • Solar Cooker
  • Solar Modules, Solar PV, Solar Panels
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar DC Home Lighting System
  • Solar Water Pump
  • Solar Hoarding Lights
  • Solar Rooftop Power Plants
  • Solar On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid Power Plants
Solar Panel Prices
RISE Enterprise, A Rising Enterprise in Solar Energy at Sonipat
Solar Panel are priced on the premise of Watts generated by the Solar Power Plant / System setup at your roof excessive as Solar Lighting System or solar power generation plant.  Normally for a rooftop off-grit solar energy plant system, it ranges from Rs.70 to 90 per Watt in the Indian Solar market state of affairs.
How to calculate load in your photo voltaic light requirement
Basically calculation of solar power generation load is calculated on the premise of your present electrical energy load.  Simply, should you want to run your present electrical setup 24*7 with 02 Battery backup, then in all chance you would possibly require a solar energy plant in your rooftop to the tune of 500 Watt.  This would suffice to run your electrical followers, tubelights and TVs and plenty of others.  For particular solar energy calculation you would possibly want to call upon technical workforce of RISE Solar Energy Sonipat Haryana.
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